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Schedule Service

Automotive maintenance is often a question that raises a lot of concerns in people’s minds. How do you know you’re getting treated right? Are you paying the right price? If you’re looking for Chevy service or GMC service, the team at Tilleman Motor Company is ready to treat the people of Malta and Shelby the way they deserve to be treated. We’ll even help you out with this convenient schedule service form. This way, you don’t have to get on the phone, and you can focus on what’s important in life.

We Always Use OEM Parts

When you consider Buick service, you might hear the term “OEM parts” thrown around. What does it mean for a part to be OEM? OEM just stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer, and simply put, it means that Buick made the parts for your Buick, or they were made by a manufacturer that had Buick’s blessing. So, working with a qualified Buick service team is a wise move!

Why should you use OEM parts? It comes down to the quality of the parts. When you purchase an OEM part, it means you’re getting the best fit for your vehicle as certified by the manufacturer. In addition, you’re staying within warranty, which is ideal for keeping you on the road as long as possible. And when you check out our service and parts specials, you’re getting the service and parts you need at a great price. You really can’t go wrong this way.

Let’s See You in Havre

Great Falls drivers who want to get the most out of their drive should head over to Tilleman Motor Company to get their vehicle fixed. We offer Chevy service, GMC service, and Buick service from the pros, and the schedule service form is just the beginning of how we can help you. Contact service today to get in touch with someone from our team who can help you get back on the road where you belong.


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