Auto Glass Shop Near Gildford, MT

When your vehicle needs auto glass repair near Gildford, Montana, you’ll find efficient, affordable service at Tilleman Chevrolet. Here at our auto shop, our team can take care of any glass replacements or repairs needed to restore your vehicle’s windows. If you ever detect a problem with your windshield or other auto glass, you can count on the professionals at our service center near Gildford to handle it and return the car to you with clear, safe glass.

Window and Windshield Repair for Gildford Drivers

Whether you’ve noticed a small crack on your windshield or an inconvenient scratch on your driver’s side, we’d be happy to restore your glass to safe and reliable condition. Even small chips can expand over time, compromising the durability and safety of your windows. Spider Webbing glass can obstruct your view, while cracked glass can gradually weaken under pressure. Here at Tilleman Chevrolet, we have the tools and expertise to get you back on the roadways of Gildford with peace of mind.

How Long Do Windshields Last?

Even though a windshield can last around five years before showing real signs of wear, there are all kinds of situations that could compromise its integrity. Inclement weather could drop hail or even branches onto the glass, while following someone too closely on the highway could put your car in the path of a rock kicked up by their tires. Heat, pressure, and bumpy roads can then worsen those blemishes, making it easier for that glass to break altogether.

Schedule Auto Glass Service at Tilleman Chevrolet Near Gildford, MT

If you have a chip or crack in your windows, we invite you to bring your car to Tilleman Chevrolet for convenient auto glass repairs. Schedule Service with our experts whenever you need professional insight and expertise on your glass or any other maintenance. Our service center is near Gildford, located at 4514 U.S. Route 2, Havre, Montana 59501.


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